Cortona a place to don't miss!


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Me and my wife just returned from Cortona, a place that you should not miss if you're near Siena or Arezzo. Lots of History and place to see! For eating we found Antica Trattoria good for food where we had a wonderful warm cheese soufflé with grilled pears antipasti and some great pasta dishes including gnocchi with shrimp, tagliatelle with tuna, tomatoes and capers and a great Pici. This Pici pasta can be found all over southern Tuscany with a light tomato sauce. Wonderful!

Don't miss the Etruscan Museum the second most visited in Tuscany! and enjoy walking in the charming narrow warm streets! Not to far from the town go to see the villa bramasole where the best seller book "Under th Tuscan Sun" from Francis M. take place

ciao!!! from Mark and Britney
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Cortona is under the Tuscan sun

Dear Mark and Britney,

Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts about Cortona :)