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Can you suggest the best place for parking in Cortona. I understand the climb to the church is pretty steep. Is there parking at a higher level closer to church. Also where sjould we park for access to the town center.


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Ciao there!

There are lots of parking lots around Cortona, but the one that is most recommended is the one called "Santo Spirito". It is big, free (only one site I found said it wasn't but the reviews on Google Maps says it is, even recent ones). There are escalators above the parking lot that then take you to the "belvedere" and it's about a 10 min walk to the main piazza in Cortona (Piazza della Repubblica).

The lot is on two levels, with bigger cars/camper vans needing to park on the lower level as there is more space there. There are around 200 spaces, so it's pretty big. From here you have easy access to the center.... and as far as to "church", depends which one you mean :D There are many!

Here's a screenshot with some labels I made, with link to Google Maps: