Cupola reservation


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I understand you can reserve the timed Cupola climb online when you purchase the 18 euro Grande Museo dell’Opera combo ticket. I’m planning on buying the Firenze Card instead once I arrive to Florence, which i understand includes the Grande Museo ticket (which you need to collect upon showing your Firenze Card, then make a Cupola reservation at a screen onsite?). I’m worried that if I wait until having picked up the Grande Museo ticket on the day, there will be no more spots left for the Cupola climb. Should I buy BOTH Firenze Card and online order the Grande Museo ticket so that I can reserve climb ahead of time? We are going in mid-October.
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Yes, the Firenze Card includes the ticket "Grande Museo dell'Opera" which includes access to all of the Duomo monuments, including the climb up the Cupola.
As you already understood, you can book the climb online ahead of time if you buy the pass directly, but not if you get the Firenze Card, for which you need to wait to get into town.

In mid-October, I sincerely think you will be fine in waiting and booking once you arrive, getting both would be a waste of money. If you however need to book a precise DATE and TIME because of your itinerary, then maybe you could get both to assure yourself you get the specific time and date you want. You will then have 2 tickets -- you could theoretically decide to climb it twice while in Florence ;-).