Current situation in Florence


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My sister and I are hoping to visit Florence at the start of July (postponed from March 2020) - even if we have to self-isolate when we get home.

We were wondering what the situation is for visiting museums, Pallazzos etc - do we need to book in advance and are they all open?

Thank you


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Starting today, most of Italy is in "white" given the low numbers that remain. Today was the first day we can go maskless outdoors, but you are required to still put it back on if there are mass gatherings and indoors.

Most of the museums have reopened, the smaller ones with limited hours compared to before. Whether you should book or not depends on what you want to see - I would still recommend you book Uffizi and Accademia because they are the main museums and because numbers ARE being limited compared to what was allowed before. So you do want to ensure you can visit when you want, and not have to wait in line outside.

Let me know what other museums you are planning to visit, I can offer a clearer idea on what needs booking or not.