Cycling camp in Tuscany.


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A friend and myself are looking for a place to stay in Tuscany, preferably near Lucca.
We're both Elite cyclists, so the stay is meant as a training camp. We've been searching all over the net for some cheap places to stay, but it's mainly nice farmhouses and hotels that comes up.
We're looking to spend about 1000-1500€ for accommodation or about 600€/month (about 300€/person/month) (obviously we're not very picky)
Do any of you know of any cheap places like this in Tuscany? It doesn't have to be Lucca, but that would be ideal.

Also, we need the possibility to cook our own food, so it needs to have a kitchen, or access to a kitchen(shared?).

The stay will be from Feb 1. to late March.

Thanks for your time



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Lucca Accomodation

Dear JacobJuul,

The prices and offers you see on the Web refer to short-stays of a few days. Since you are planning to stay in the same place for almost 2 months, I suggest you contact directly:

  • Lucca Tourism Office and ask for recommendations. You can consider renting a small apartment for the time you'll be in the area.

  • Several accommodations directly and ask them for their best offer for such a long-stay (consider that February and March aren't busy months in the area). You can look for farmhouses (several are divided into apartments with kitchen or small cooking area), hostels, rooms and holidays apartments.

These suggestions can be applied to any other Tuscan destination, if you wish to search further away from Lucca.

Ciao :D