Cycling from Rome Through Tuscany

ted kelemen

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Can anyone tell me if Cycling from Rome to Pisa is reasonably scenic and practical? My daughter and I are avid cyclists. We have family in Marina Di Pisa, and are interested in flying to Rome and Riding to Pisa. From Pisa we would ride to Florence, then down to Siena, and back to Rome. Trip would be roughly 500 to 600 kilometers over 2 weeks. Or would it be better to take a train to Pisa, and do day trips, overnights, or ride through Tuscany and ride on to Rome? We are interested in advice from other cyclists that may have tried a similar experience. We appreciate anyone taking the time in responding. :)


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SO I will say right up front, I am not a biker.

But I do know good scenery. I just picked my brother up from the Rome airport last month and we took them in the car on the long road home passing by Lago di Bracciano, Sutri and Lago di Bolsena going towards Acquapendente into Tuscany - through Val d'Orcia towards Siena.

It was lovely and there seem to be lots of secondary roads so you aren't hitting lots of traffic.

Buon Viaggio,

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