Cycling in Florence


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My housband and I are planing to visit Florence for a day or maybe two at the end of April. Our plan is to park a car on one of the distant parking lot and visit the city with our own bicycles. Is this a wise idea or it is better to explore on foot? Are there areas where is not permited to ride a bike?


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Biking Florence


Bikes can go everywhere in Florence, in fact there are several roads that have bike trails.

Personally I am a walker - I love to walk everywhere. BUT if you are here for several days, I think you could benefit from biking especially if you like the exercise and maybe some hills (Fiesole, Piazzale Michelangelo).

The days that you are in the city center visiting churches and museums you might find that a bike just doesn't help you get around; there are too many pedestrians, and sometimes vehicles, to make biking safe and comfortable. On those days you can rely on public transport to get you from the outer edges of Florence to the center instead of your bike.

I don't bike often in the city center but I do notice there are not a lot of "designated" bike racks where you can park and chain up your bike. You will find a bike parking lot inside the SMN train station.

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thank you a lot for your help. We decided to take two days in Florence and therefore have more time to explore it. I see that it is a big parking lot in the suburb and the very good tram connections are available.

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