Cycling tours for leisurely cyclists


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Greetings, I'm interested in posts by tourists who have cycled in Tuscany, specifically for general cyclists, not people who belong to cycling clubs. Rather for "fit" people who like the idea of cycling through areas of Tuscany as part of an arranged tour. Perhaps cycle 25-30 miles a day. We're looking at 5-day cycling tours in late May/early June 2013, this excludes international travel time. Thanks!


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Ciao Danstricht and welcome to the DT forum!
I am an amateur cyclist myself and I usually go biking in the areas of Chianti and Mugello, mostly with my road bike, a Cannondale Synapse.
I haven't yet tried organized tours but I recently met Enrico and Marco, experienced MTB guides of . They do organize multi-day bike tours and they seems very passionate about it.
I am thinking of trying one of their tours myself.

I hope this can be of help, let us know about your biking experience in Tuscany! :)