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My son, my husband and I (my son is 20) are going to Tuscany this July (2014). I'm staying at Hotel Rivoli in Florence (from July 10 to 14), Pensione Palazzo Ravizza in Siena from July 14 to July 17, and will be in Rome (Michelangelo - block from Vatican) from July 17 to July 21. No matter how I coax him my husband refuses to drive, so I need to know about day trips from Florence and Siena for the days I'm there; also tours while in both cities. I'm looking for group tours because money is an issue. Is there a way to go to Montipulciano and Pienza for a day for 3 adults that won't cost $500 or $600? Also would like a guide (walking tour I guess) to be able to see the cities of Florence and Siena. Another trip I'm interested in is a day trip from Florence to Lucca and Pisa. And I have a question on that - if I can only afford one day trip from Florence, should I go to Lucca and Pisa or the Clique Terre (did I spell it correct?). Another thing I'm trying to decide on is how to get from Rome airport to Florence on July 9 (we purchased a round trip to and from Rome because it was cheaper than flying into Florence and out of Rome) Also looking to transfer from Florence to Siena on 7/14 and from Siena to Rome on 7/17.

One last thing that I will have to miss (and I’m heartbroken about this) – I wanted to visit Pitigliano and Orvietto but I can’t figure out how to do this monetarily and logistically. Can anyone think of a way I could do this. I was thinking of a transfer tour when going from Siena to Rome but it would probably cost close to $1000 for the 3 of us. I’d appreciate any help I can get – recommendations for tours and guides as well as feedback on my hotel choices. Thanks very much.

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Ciao Maryanne!
welcome on DT forum! We can surely offer lots of suggestions for your memorable trip.
If you choose Florence as a base it will be very very easy to move a day to Pisa and Lucca, or to Siena by bus and another day to Cinque Terre. In Florence there are lots of companies which offer to share a van for the day trips, so you may even decide on the spot if you do not want to travel by train on own.

As far as a special walk in Florence and Siena I can surely recommend two Elenas :)
Me and my colleague Elena C. from Siena are licensed guides for each town. You may have a look at this site and decide what is your specific "wish list".

You can maximize your time only focusing on your specific interests, main highlghts and good recommendations on museums as the Accademia, shopping and restaurants.
You are welcome to decide the lenght of a sparkling customized tour in exclusive just for your family and your special desires (the rate for 3 pax is not as high as you may think. When you join a group tour in the summer you may end paying nearly the same amount for a group of 25pax!)

As far as the transfers to/from Rome/Siena : you may catch the train or if you think you would be travelling with too many pieces of luggage you could inquiry directly some local reliable transfer companies.

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Since they are local companies you may ask for a quote for the daily tour to Montepulciano and for the transfers.

Enjoy the preparation to your special family trip! See you in Florence, Ele