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I just stumbled upon this forum, so glad I did. I have a few questions and I hope you can give me a few suggestions. In October 2014 there will be a small group, three couples, staying in Montecatini for 5 days. We would like some suggestions on day tours out of Montecatini? Do we book now and if so can you recommend a good tour company? We will have two cars but if possible would like to travel by train or bus while in Montecatini. We are interested in Florence, Pisa, a wine tour, scenic views, and other places that you can suggest. Two of the couples have been to Florence before. The other couple has not been to Italy. Thank you so much.



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Dear sandy,
I live just 5 kms away from Montecatini and I can assure it's a perfect location for touring many of the tourist destinations of Tuscany.
From Montecatini you'll easily get to everywhere by train (to me, better than bus: you'll defintely save time and rarely need to change). Florence, Pistoia, Lucca, Pisa are all at an easy train ride distance, here some details:
Lucca: less than 30 minutes train ride
Pisa: an hour - more or less - train ride (it mainly depends on the fact if you take a direct train or need to change in Lucca)
Pistoia: about 10 minutes train ride
Florence: less than an hour train ride.

Montecatini is located on a train route with direct trains to all the above mentioned destinations, so you won't have any troubles for getting off at the right station for changing train and so on.

Florence is a MUST for everyone coming in Tuscany, so maybe the two couples that have already been in Florence may take another train or a bus from Florence to Fiesole for example, and visit this precious treasure of Tuscany while the third one spend a day touring Florence.

I suggest you travel by train, so you'll definitely avoid all traffic and park troubles.

You're also close to the renowned Parco di Pinocchio of Collodi and the marvellous Villa Garzoni (maybe, you're more interested in visiting the villa than the Park considering you're three couples without children, find here an interesting article on that:, but you'd better drive till there: it's located at only 15 minutes driving distance and you'll easily find free parks for your cars.

As regards wine tours, there are many inlcuding also food and wine, I think you'd better book your wine tour in advance, for avoiding any trouble, have a look at tours offered here
but more specifically here

Hope you'll enjoy your trip to Tuscany :)