Day trip from Rome .


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We have visited Florence before very briefly on a tour, but missed the Uffizi gallery and the Ponte Vecchio so are planning to return in September to do these and anything else we can do in a day . Could you advise on the bus service between the train station and Uffizi gallery please? We do not speak/read Italian so are concerned about getting correct bus etc . How often do buses run? Will we be able to get tickets at train station or nearby? How far ahead should we book tickets to Uffizi? Will there be an English speaker available if I phone for tickets? is it possible to book a guided tour of the Uffizi gallery? How can I do that and what would it cost?

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Florence in a Day


Unless you have difficulty walking, I suggest that you walk from the train station to the Uffizi - not only does it take you through the middle of the city and a great chance to re-live the city and walking is free. It is 1.2 km - that is about 15 - 20 min (a bit of a stroll if you would like). (Best part is you don't need to know the language to buy the tickets or find the bus stop.)

General Info on the Uffizi
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As for other things to see, I suggest that (again if you don't mind walking) then I would combine a visit to the museum & bridge with a walking tour of the city - maybe something with a theme: check out this page with several do it yourself tour ideas.

As for your tickets, you can order them online and if you already know when you will be in Florence - then I would book them as soon as possible:

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