Day trip to Cinque Terra (not starting from Florence)?


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Hello - we are renting a place in a town called Coreglia in Tuscany. We want to do a day trip to Cinque Terra. I'm a bit skeptical about navigating it totally on our own and was wondering if we could get a guide or book a tour. I know there are many tours starting from Florence. Since we're not staying in Florence, was hoping we could get a tour that started right in Cinque Terra, but I haven't been able to find any online. Are there such tours/guides? Would love to find one.



There is a great APP for the trains in Italy called TRAINLINE. It allows you to find routes and buy tickets and have them stored on your phone. I've used it for some bus routes as well but it wasn't quite as seamless. In one case I received an email showing my ticket info and didn't remember when the trip started. The kind folks on the bus line were very accommodating and let me ride - I finally found the email to confirm my ticket when I was seated...