Day trip to Cinque Terre from Florence


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My mom and I are planning a trip to Italy in a couple of weeks (9/1/2018) and would love to take a day trip to Cinque Terre from Florence. will this tour give us time to take a tip in the waters? Also any other recommendations for how we can make time to visit Pisa? Our itinerary
is as follows:

Rome for 4 nights
Florence for 3 nights
Venice for 2 nights
Lido Di Jesolo for 3 nights


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Time in Cinque Terre


I tried to click the link you presented, however, it gave me a NOT FOUND message.

I have colleagues that did a tour in 5Terre and you can read more info in their review. It was a full day and offered a well round panorama of the area:

You could also look at this tour which would include Pisa and 5Terre:

I would venture to say with so much to see and do there, you might not have time to get your toes wet :cool: and you will be spending 3 days at Lido Di Jesolo, so maybe you can get all your beach time in there.

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I did the tour Donna mentions above (the link to the tour is this one) and we did have time to grab a quick lunch and to get our toes wet in the beach at Monterosso before we had to meet up with the group to continue on the tour.


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I forgot to add about Pisa: you can do it in half a morning on one of your days from Florence.
Take train there from Florence (takes about an hour), do a morning in Pisa to go up the tower and then return to Florence right after lunch.


Pisa is very close to Florence, so that you can easily get the train from the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station (check the Trenitalia Page to have more information about train and hours).
if you want to visit Pisa by train I recommend to stay in a hotel or B&B near the station: Pisa is a fascinating city and that's not all about the "Piazza dei miracoli" and leaning tower. Get an entire day in Pisa, visit the historic center (Borgostretto), enjoy the "Tuttomondo" mural by Keith Haring (Oh yes, made by Keith Haring!) and experience Santa Maria della Spina church and the Lungarno. On the Lungarno Pacinotti you will also find the Gelateria de' Coltelli (really incredible and tasty) and the Barberia Sartoria Mascagni, a great barber shop for men (how about a relaxing afternoon?).
If you want to enjoy a guided visit to Pisa I surely recommend this one: Pisa Tour by Florence and Tuscany Tours

take a look to Igerspisa, it's may be the best Igers community in Italy, you will get some breathless pic of Pisa.
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