Day trip to Venice

Although I know it's not preferable, we will be spending just one day in Venice, taking the train from Florence. Since St Mark's is so lovely at night, I was thinking of taking the 10:15 am train and not returning until the 10:25 pm train, arriving Florence at 12:30. Will that be too long in Venice without a place to rest our feet? We will be traveling in September. Will 10 pm be too late for St. Mark's square? AND are the bands playing on a Monday? Thanks so much for your suggestions!


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too much Venice

Not sure if you can ever really get too much Venice ! Normally when I go into Venice I take the early train so I am arriving just about 11ish and stay until my feet are dead tired (just about 6pm ish) however if you were going to be wanting to hang until the evening there are so many quaint little squares to roam and explore where you will find a park bench and some peace and quite. Once you tack on dinner at some dreamy Venice will be out in just enough time to stroll the amazing San Marco enjoy the atmosphere and make a dash for the train.
Sure you will be tired but my experience is there is always someplace totally amazing to sit down and relax and recup your energy.

Buon Viaggio.


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From the waterways, to the museums, to the churches and the sights and sounds such as the Rialto Market and the Rialto Bridge, Venice is a dizzying array of excitement, adventure, romance and Renaissance all wrapped up in one pretty little package, and has been inspiring artists from around the world for centuries. I know some people don’t prefer to visit there but most of us are crazy about the beauty of Venice. The best time to come to Venice is in fall or Spring. Other vise no one can enjoy the actual beauty of this area.
Thanks so much for your encouragement! There are no late trains or busses, so I am looking into car rental. Thankfully, Venice is worth the hassle!


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coming home from Venice

be sure to check the time schedule for the trains coming back to Florence - it looks as if the last train is around 7:30 nice as Venice is, I don't think you want to be sleeping under any bridges. :D
Parking may be a huge issue as there are no vehicles allowed in Venice. One day is plenty - just wear comfy shoes! We just returned from two weeks in Italy - our last 3 days were in Venice. I can recommend my favorite restaurant there - ask for Riccardo, the owner - make a reservation for dinner as they are very busy - well off the beaten path. Portions are HUGE so you may be fine with a bottle of wine and a first course. The Seafood dish is amazing. It's called "Osteria al Vecchio Pozzo"! It's pretty close to the bridge to the train station so really convenient.

Have a blast!


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Agree parking might be an issue since you can't really drive into the laguna, but there is parking on the land side near Mestre so definitely leave car there, then take train the rest of the way to Santa Lucia (Venice's main station on the lagoon).
So, I think that it would be really nice to visit all around in daytime and it would be much handy to rent out a car for full day if there is not an issue to have of parking in Laguna because we are willing to go there. Nice to see that .
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