Day trips out of Florence


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We have 6 people traveling with our own vehicle. We will be staying in Florence June 2 -June 6 and are looking for day trips a couple of those days. looking for recommendations. We would also like to find a working farm/winery that serves lunch.


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There are many day trips you can take out of Florence. One should definitely be south into the Chianti wine region - here a lunch would be perfect at the Antinori estate that produces the famous Tignanello and Solaia Super Tuscans. See more details at

Another good day trip would be north of Florence into the Mugello valley. The Medici family that so greatly influenced not just Florence but the Italian Renaissance itself hailed from this area. You can follow an itinerary based on their lasting heritage by visiting the villas, castles and fortresses they had built for the family and as protection for their lands. Check out the itineraries offered by the official site for the days trips in Mugello valley for day trips.
You can also enjoy lunch at a local farm in the area called La Topaia. It is a few kilometers north of Borgo San Lorenzo - you do need to reserve as the restaurant serving traditional local dishes is aimed towards those staying there. You can find further information on their site at

Another day trip from Florence would be visit either Lucca or Pisa - if you have your own means of transport, then you might visit both, spending a bit more time in Lucca. Depends on your interests - I personally like Pisa and there is enough to see in the Piazza dei Miracoli beyond the Leaning Tower - the remaining frescoes in the Camposanto are impressive, it was very interesting to study The Triumph of Death and see all the various elements within this particular fresco. Most visitors though just go to Pisa for the tower and only spend a few hours there, that is where you might be able to make it to Lucca on the same day.

Maybe I've suggested too many day trips out of Florence seeing as you'll only be here for 4 days! LOL! Do make time to see all the treasures in Florence, too :)