Dec. 24-26 in Florence area or Rome?

I am planning a whirlwind tour of France, Italy, and Switzerland for 9 days. Wondering if it is too energetic to try to go to Rome? Here is my itinerary right now:
Blois, France (Dec. 20-21), Chamonix (21-23), Florence (23-24), Rome (24-26), Milan(26-27), Sachslen Switzerland (27-29), Disneyland Paris (29-31) and then 8 days/ nights in Paris.

I am considering cutting Rome and extending the Florence area to 3 nights. Advice is welcome!! Is there anything to do for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St. Stephen's day in the Florence area? Places to eat? etc?


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Florence or Rome

I might be a bit biased .... but Florence all the way. (of course I live in Florence....)

Is there any particular reason you are heading to Milan? ... because instead of skipping Rome I would skip Milan (unless of course you have a specific meta).

Restaurants will be open - however museums are definitely not open on Christmas day. But then there is always the magic of roaming the city streets and enjoying the atmosphere in this period. Florence is beautifully decorated for the holidays. You could always stay an extra day and plan a trip into the Tuscan countryside on Christmas day - visit small towns and their churches. It is tradition to set up a "Presepio" or nativity scene in all the churches for Christmas - some can be quite elaborate, entire miniature towns.

Just make sure if you want to visit anything special to double check and be sure they are open.

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Florence has a magical atmosphere during Christmas. I think Rome also does, especially recommend visiting the Christmas market in Piazza Navona.
Milan only if it is on the way to get back to Switzerland, otherwise maybe just one night.

Usually things will be open on the 24th, close early and closed on the 25th December. Most are open on the 26th. Just double check once you know what you want to see whether it is closed/open on a specific day so you can better organize those days. I'd also suggest spending the 24th-25th in one place, rather than be en route to somewhere else, so that you can scope out what is open and reserve lunch/dinner for the 25th.