Destination wedding for 2


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We are looking to have a ceremony in Tuscany. One of us are catholic so we would require a non-catholic ceremony apart from Santa Croce di Sapri. Any ideas? How to plan for an event like this?


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Not sure what you mean by "apart from Santa Croce di Sapri".

If you don't want a religious wedding, you can just do a civil wedding in a city hall. Many of the most popular towns in Tuscany are used to doing weddings, but you do need to do paperwork - and for that, a local wedding planner comes in handy, mostly for the language barrier. Most staff at city halls only speak Italian. Take a look at the wedding planners we recommend here:
A planner can help as much or as little as you want, including just doing paperwork for you if that's what you want. So I suggest you take a look at their sites too, to get ideas and then contact them to ask for more info.