Detail itinerary from Florence to Orvieta/Rome - road trip


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My friend and I would like to visit the scenic tuscany places on October 2017

So, the original plan is we will arrive at Florence (from Pisa) late afternoon and will stay overnight at Florence (will book accommodation near Firenze S.M. Novella train station) and perhaps rent car from Hertz (or any better rental company)? Then the next day, we will start our journey.

We would like drive along tuscany scenic route: San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena, Val d Orcia and arrive at Rome on late afternoon the 2nd day. Some forum said it's better to drop the car at Orvieta and then take train to Rome. Is this route better?
I really not sure which route/place should we visit first according to the correct order from FLorence to Rome. Or if you have other better places for us, please kindly recommend.

Also, in the middle of the route from Florence to Orvieta/Rome, we plan to stay overnight, could you please also suggest where should we stay? Some forum said Chianti or Siena but I not really sure which area should I book, also any recommendation of good accommodation to spend the night?

Then on the next day, we can continue our journey and arrive at Orvieta/Rome in late afternoon to return the car.

The main places that we want to visit is of course Chianti, Siena, and Val d Orcia. But if we are open for any other recommendations if you think those places are not really good.

In Rome, we plan to book accommodation near the train station (Roma Termini), or do you have better suggestion?
We need to catch a plan to Split the next day, so is it good to stay nearby Roma Termini?

Thank you.

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If I were going to travel from Florence to Orvieto (which if you can, definitely leave your car here and catch the train to Rome - it will maximize your time if you don't have to try and return the car in Rome - and navigate the many times confusing roads!)

This is an itin that I would follow (and I have when I have friends and family) I normally divide it into two (many times three days). I suggest that you make Siena your stopping place, so you can enjoy the city at night.



via road for San Donato in Poggio

San Gimignano

via road for Monteriggioni

Castellina in Chianti




Bagno Vignoni

Bagno San Filippo

Abbadia San Salvatore



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Suggestions on opposite going from Orvieto to Florence in one day

Hi -

We are currently planning on leaving Orvieto and traveling to Florence in one day. What is the best option to visit Chianti and lovely towns along the way?


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Ciao Sharon,

I suggest you head north along the A1 coming up from Orvieto and exit towards Siena to head to Castelnuovo Berardenga. It is one of the most southern areas of Chianti and you start seeing beautiful vineyards and estates with castles. Head north to Gaiole and from there toward Radda. This will take you into the heart of Chianti. From Radda head toward Panzano and then on to Greve and then to Florence. This will obviously take longer than taking the highway but it will get you along some beautiful scenes. Whether you stop or not - and where - is up to you. Hope you make it to Florence because the risk is of becoming enchanted by the views and never making it to Florence by the end of the day :D Then you'll need to come back for another day trip -- I would actually recommend it, if you have an extra day to spare. At that point, spend the night in Chianti then see Florence the next day ;-).