Direct Train from Pescia to Florence?


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We are staying in Segromigno and would like to take the train direct to Florence from the nearest station that does a direct link. Getting mixed messages looking online. Our villa owner says there are hourly trains from Pescia that take approx an hour but the train websites have the Pescia trains taking up to 3 hours and going via Pisa!
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Train to Florence


In fact, it doesn't look like there are any direct trains from Pescia - and up till a bit ago, there was an interruption on the track, requiring you to change to a bus and then back to the train in Pistoia adding another stop ... it is not very convenient.

You could drive into Pisa (45 min) and there is a one-hour train trip.

However, there is always the option to drive to Villa Costanza parking area which gives you a 20-minute tram into the city center.

If you are trying to avoid traffic, then I would suggest driving to Villa Costanza. The road is easy to navigate and gives you ample time options (you won't be forced to return too early...)

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