Disabled in Florence

Isabelle Frater

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Hi All!

My mum is disabled, and has a disabled card in Hungary. I can see that in several museums there is a discount at least for disabled people, and I'm wondering if there is a way for a person from a foreign, but EU country to also receive those discounts? She's not in a chair, or anything like that, but she does have a pretty bad case of arthritis.

Thank you in advance!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Isabelle,

Yes, most museums will grant free entrance to any certified disabled EU citizen and to an accompanying person. So that means she and you should be able to visit any of the museums that offer this - most state museums in Italy will do it. I think most civic museums in Florence as well.

The disabled card she has should be enough proof to show her disability - you don't book ahead, just go to the front of any line at the museum entrance and show the card, so that you can get in.

Enjoy Florence!