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In April we are moving to Tuscany for 12 month, we are bringing our dog so will be driving from the UK. We need to return to the UK for a family wedding in September and would like fly rather than drive, so need to find kennels for our dog, he's very friendly and likes lots of exercise - can anyone recommend kennels or home boarding please close to either Pisa airport or Bagni di Lucca.

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I think that the best bet would be to wait until you are here in April and ask about places close to where you live in Bagni di Lucca. The best places you can get personal recommendations from are from pet shop owners and from other pet owners - you'll definitely want to have personal feedback from people who have used services and how things went. You'll want a place with open spaces, so closer to Bagni di Lucca or to Lucca would likely be better than closer to the airport since it is city at that point.

Once you're here and meet other people, you might also be able to hear about available pet sitters in your town.

In any case, the terms you want to search for are "pensione per cani" in Italian - most of these only advertise for locals, so they aren't in English.

I found these two near Lucca:

Hope you find a good vacation home for your dog!
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