Dogs in Tuscany

Emily D

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Hello, I am planning a ten day trip to Tuscany in November. We are bringing our little cockapoo. We love Italy because it is so dog-friendly! He has been to Rome, Pompei, Amalfi Coast, most of Puglia.

From everything I have read, Florence is exceptionally dog-friendly. Are there are any other areas of Tuscany that are similarly dog-friendly? Or any areas that are not? Thanks for the advice!


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Tolerance with Dogs

Buongiorno -

I believe you will find Tuscany just as dog friendly as the rest of Italy. I notice them out and about all the time when I travel, even in restaurants and bars....not as much shops and supermarkets.
I have noticed that most dogs are on a leash and when there is a choice they sit outside with the human companion at restaurants (on the terrace or outdoor patio).

Any place that won't accept a dog will probably tell you right up front.

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