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Got great flights and arriving in Venice on 10/11. We were planning on driving to Dolomites (Cortina d'Amprezzo) and leaving for Tuscany (10/13).

We are interested in small, quaint villages as we make our way south. Can you recommend the best car route and what towns you recommend we stay in?

What are the must see "non-tourist" towns?

Our highlights would be:

- 2 Wine tours (prefer Brunello over Chianti)
- 1/2 day small cooking class
- 1 or 2 hikes
- olive oil tasting
- truffle hunt
- Abbey of St. Galgano
- Volterra??
- Barga?

Is this doable?? LOL

We'd really appreciate any recommendations, especially places to stay B&B or hotels since we have limited time to plan. Lastly we have to get back to Venice on 10/18 for return flight. Where do you recommend we drop off car?



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You will have 4 full days and part of a day in Tuscany. Seeing the places you want to visit, I'd suggest basing yourself just outside of Siena so that you remain really central and driving around won't take too long to do anything on your list.

I really wouldn't suggest making too many stops along the way to Tuscany - there is way too many things to see!
The two big ones, if you've never been, are Padova and Bologna - but they would require more than a quick stop, so you decide whether to stop there or not!

Actually, you might also stay in Siena - you cannot not see it!!
I would suggest Hotel Athena as a good place to stay at with a car, as they have parking:
Otherwise outside the city in the beautiful countryside to the south, I'd suggest Villa Corsanello which does rent out rooms of the villa for less than a week in this period of the year:

If you want to "treat" yourselves to a luxurious place, I'd highly recommend Borgo di Pietrafitta just outside Castellina in Chianti:

If you stay at Corsanello, you'll be closer to Brunello wine country. And the area is perfect for walks!

The ONLY place on your list that I would take out completely without a doubt is BARGA - it is way too far out of the way from everything else, so not worth driving all the way over there just for that.

The cooking class, wine tours, olive oil tastings and truffle hunts -- do you want to do them on your own or with a group tour? I recommend you take a look here at some of the organized tours as some should be more enjoyable (and easier to do) when organized for you (example, the truffle hunt) -- --- just do a search below the large photo to find more options!
The cooking class you could try to set it up directly at whatever place you stay at, if not in Siena, with the wonderful ladies Fiamma and Ginny:

I am not sure you can do everything but certainly you'll get a good amount in -- I highly recommend you start booking things, as October is still a very nice month and is not yet low season ;-)

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4 days in Tuscany

It is certainly a good idea to stay in the beautiful countryside around Siena to see the things you have mentioned (with the exception of Barga). Sovicille is a nice, little village at only 13 kms from Siena, in direction Abbey of San Galgano.
The whole territory offers a lot of possibilities to do wine-tastings or wonderful itineraries walking or by bike. If you need more information, get in touch, we'll be happy to help you.