Drive from Florence to Montepulciano


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Firstly, thank you for any insider info! My mom and i will be staying in Florence for 4 nights, and then we are renting a car to " drive through Tuscany". We plan on driving to Montepulciano, a town we will use as our base for another 3-4 nights. Along the way we would like to visit towns in the Chianti region ( Gaiole,Greve, Radda, Castallina). Would starting off early visiting the towns and lunching in Siena be realistic?
I thought of staying in the Chanti region, but I really want to stay in the area where Montepulciano and Brunello wines are made! Plus, the drive to Rome will not be as long to catch our flight home to Los Angeles.
OR would staying in one of the small towns in the Chianti Region be better?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Thank you.


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No, what you have planned is totally fine! But since you're going to be using the Val d'Orcia as your base, I'd recommend using one of your days while there to go see SIENA and instead take the whole day as you drive down through CHIANTI to spend it in Chianti. You can certainly drive down and make it to Siena for lunch, if you don't stop. But I'd suggest stopping at least in Panzano and Castellina and Radda, to take it the small towns and to see the views... so take your time driving down, have lunch in Radda or Castellina and then head down to wherever your base will be. Then see Siena on a different day. Siena deserves at least a whole day all by itself!!