Drive or Train from Florence to Venice


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Hello. We are going to V for 3 days and have a rental car, but are wondering if there are convenient places to park the car. Also, is there a scenic route to take, or is it best to simply take a train?


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Ciao Eloise,

You can definitely drive up to Venice, there is a car park right before you cross the lagoon onto the island as well as by the train station although it will be quite costly the closer you get. I honestly don't think there is a scenic route up to Venice - most of the trip is on the major motorways. You also cannot use the car the whole 3 days you'll be there so you'll only be paying for the car and for parking -- so I think in the end it might be better to fit Venice into your schedule before you rent the car and take the train up there. That way you don't have to worry about the route or parking :)