Drive to La Spezia from Florence


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Hello folks,

I will be visiting Florence with my family in the first week of June 2016. During our 3 day stay we intend to rent a car for a day trip and drive to La Spezia (then park the car and cover as much CT area by train). On way to La Spezia would like to do Pisa and Lucca. In the evening would like to get back to Florence for night stay. Hope this is doable?

Will appreciate your time and valuable feedbacks. Thanks for reading.


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Cinque Terre


To include Pisa and Lucca on the same day as Cinque Terre is a bit ambitious....actually troppo ambitious and you will find yourself seeing nothing.

CT is really a day trip all on its own and if you are already staying in Florence than I strongly suggest you either do an organized tour (so they take care of all the transport) or take the train from Florence and navigate the local train on your own.

Pisa and Lucca are a great day trip all on their own, read this blog article for a bit of an idea how to navigate the two together, this would work great if you rented a car or if you got a driver like I did in the blog.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise