Driving around Tuscany


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Is it an easy drive from Rome Airport to Gaiole in Chianti? It is our first time renting a car in Italy. We are staying at Rocca di Castagnoli. Will there be easy stops for restrooms or restaurants for lunch on the way?


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It's around a 3 hour drive and it should be pretty straightforward. You're on the A1 roadway for most of the way and along that road (it is a toll road), there are Autogrill stops where you can put both stop for gas, bathroom breaks and to eat. What you find there varies but it is supposed to be quick and convenient, whereas if you want to actually make a stop and take longer to get to Gaiole, you can consider getting off the A1 and stopping at an actual trattoria or restaurant to eat. I would suggest Orvieto!

Depends on your schedule, if you want to get to Gaiole fast, I think you could make a quick stop at the Autogrill and just concentrate on seeing the area later on. Google Maps recommends getting off at Bettole and cutting across to arrive at Gaiole from below, once you leave the A1 the country road offers lot of great views and you can also stop at any town you pass through for a break. Most "bars" (that's what caffes are called in Italian) will have bathrooms but reserve them for clients so all you need to do is get a coffee or pastry and you get restroom access ;).