Driving from Capannori / Lucca to Bibbona what to see on the way?


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On Friday the 5th October we will be driving from Capannori outside Lucca down to Bibbona.

I'm trying to plan some places to stop and visit on the way down. Something interesting to visit, maybe somewhere good to get something to eat.

If we were to drive directly there it should take about just over an hour down the coast past Livorno. I looked up Livorno and nothing grabbed my interest as a destination to stop along the way. So I started looking in other directions.

I looked at Greve in Chianti would have been nice, but it's in the wrong direction really.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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From Capannori to Bibbona: suggestions on what to see on the way

Hi Glassbloweruk!

Livorno is a bit underestimated but I find it has a great charm. The amazing Terrazza Mascagni facing the sea and the nearby "baracchine" or bar/cafe along the promenade, for example, are perfect for a lunch o a relaxing walk. Close to the city center is situated the ancient Quartiere Venezia (Venice Neighborhood), inspired by the Italian city of Venice.
Livorno is not rich in historical monuments or museums as other Tuscan cities, but certainly is fascinating. And it's also on your way, if you drive from Capannori to Bibbona along the coast.

However, you could also consider following an internal route, away from the coast and reach as intermediate destination such as Volterra, for example. It takes about one hour and half by car. Famous for the manufacture of alabaster, Volterra is a very nice medieval town and perfect for a day trip.

Close to Bibbona you'll find also some characteristic villages, I would suggest you visit during your holiday Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, both perfect for a pleasant night out.

If you have any doubt or other questions, feel free to post! :)


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Re: From Capannori to Bibbona: suggestions on what to see on the way

Thanks Cristina,

Well you've made Livorno sound more interesting than the stuff I had read on the internet. I think we should go that way down the coast. We will definitely visit the other places you mentioned also.

Thanks for the help, I'm almost sorted, just 5 more weeks till we go