Driving from Florence to Siena through Pieve A Presciano

Jasmine Song

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I am so lucky to find this site which gives so much incredible details about travel in Tuscany.

I need your help with the following plans:

April 30
- We (a couple with a 3-year-old boy) will rent a car in Florence
- We will spend 2 nights in Pieve A Presciano as a base to visit small Tuscany towns around Siena
- We plan to spend the day for a road trip in Tuscany to enjoy beautiful scenery and ancient towns (hopefully with castles)
Question: How to plan the driving route from Florence to ?

May 1
- We will visit Siena only (no question)

May 2
- We will need to arrive to Rome airport before 12:30pm (flight at 2:45pm)
Question: How long does it usually take to drive from Pieve A Presciano to Rome? Will it be tricky to return the car in the airport which will not leave us enough time to take the flight?

Thank you very much for your help!

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