Driving from Florence to Verrazzano to Siena to SG


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I am planning a driving day to explore Siena and the surrounding area on a Monday in late October, and I would love any advice!

We (2 of us) were planning on renting a car first thing in the morning (8:30a, but I would book in advance) from the Airport in Florence. We would then catch a hour and a half wine tour starting at 10am at Verrazzano arriving via the A1/E35 & SR222. It says on Google that the drive is 45 minutes so we should make it on time. Then we would drive to Siena also on the SR222, hopefully arriving around 1pm for lunch. We would then take in the sights for the afternoon.

Depending on the weather/mood, we were debating either staying for an early dinner in Siena or making a drive to SG for dinner there. Do you think the additional trip to SG would be worthwhile, or should we just avoid complications by staying in Siena? My goal is to be back in Florence to return the car by 9pm.

Also, for that portion of the drive where we will be driving on the A1/E35 out of the airport, are there tolls? If so, how much do they cost approximately? And, how much are tolls on the autostrada from Siena to Florence Airport for the return?


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Sounds like you got a busy day planned!

As beautiful as SG is, you are most probably not going to be able to do dinner there and get the car back by 9pm. Its a lot of driving - and you will be really pushing it. I suggest that you enjoy Siena to the MAX and save SG for another day. (visit the catherdral, the piazza and have a drink admiring the sunset!)

The autostrada between the airport and Firenze SUD (that's where you need to get off to catch the SR222) is approximately 2 Euros ... definitely not more than 3. Exit, pay the toll - take the first exit. When you get to the round about, take the first exit. Then there is a second round about - take the 2nd exit....sometimes those roundabouts are not mentioned on the GPS or Google because there are fairly new. And then just keep following the main road and you will be in Chianti!

When you come back from Siena you will catch a road that does not have a toll (Siena - Firenze) and then pick up the A1 at Firenze Impruneta direction Bologna (to get to the airport) it is well indicated and the toll is about 2 Euro.

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Agree with Donna, enjoy Siena and skip SG that day (you can always save it for another day, catching the bus to Poggibonsi and then on to SG).

It's best to experience Tuscany slowly and soak in the atmosphere in each place. Enjoy the drive down the Chiantigiana (the 222), as it has great views!


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Thank you both for the help!! I think then I will stay in Siena for dinner and take it easy on the drive back. I'll see if there's a chance to make it down to SG on a different day.

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