Driving from Rome airport to Siena


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Im planning to pick up a car and drive directly from Rome airport around 10am sunday in September to Siena. What is the route that I should take as this is the first time im in Italy? Any recommended stopovers for breaks and lunch?



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Ciao wpy,

You can do the ring road around Rome and head up on the A1.

I recommend a stop in Orvieto to visit and for an early lunch.
Then at Chiusi Scalo, leave the A1 and head toward Montepulciano.
I'd recommend a stop in Pienza but most of all, enjoy the scenic drive through the Val d'Orcia.

If you have a chance to come back for a day trip in the area once you're in Siena, I'd recommend visiting Montalcino and Montepulciano, too. The whole area is beautiful and just pleasure to spend time in and enjoy - stupendous views and food and wine!