Driving from sienna to levanto and then milan


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We are planning to drive from Florence to sienna and use the car to explore Tuscany.
We are then going up to cinque terra and eventually Milan
We are unsure whether to drive or take a train .
Please advice which is a better options
Should we drive to levante and then to Milan
Should we drive to levante and the take a train to Milan
Should we take a train to levante and then to Milan


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You can definitely use the car and enjoy Tuscany but I would suggest that once you get to Cinque Terre that you leave the car and move along by train from here on.

There is a direct two and a half hour train to Milan from Sestri Levante and also Levanto - a bit further away (there are very close to each other...do you know which one you want)

I have taken this route (between Milan and Levanto - a great little town outside of Cinque Terre) and found it to be very convenient.

You will find lots to see between Florence and Siena and Siena to Cinque Terre:

Colle Val d'Elsa
San Gimignano
Pisa / Lucca

Buon Viaggio,

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Agree with Donna on this - car for Tuscany, then no car from CT and onward, use trains as it will be more convenient -- and you don't need a car in either CT or Milan!
You could do drop off in Pisa or Lucca or La Spezia and catch the train from there to CT/Levanto.