Driving in Italy. Any tutorials recommended?

We live in a Resort/Tourist area, and not a day goes by, that us locals aren't cussing some fool tourist that didn't pay attention, or simply is clueless to the local driving etiquette. Some probably drive like fools back home, and wonder why they get into accidents, and get ticketed. Either way, they are a Menace and not appreciated.

As a guest in Italy, I'd rather not be "That Guy".

Is there an online resource for both, the common road signs and regulations, and the unwritten rules Italian road etiquette?

Last visit, the wife and I stuck to the train and bus, but this time we will be sharing the road with the good folks, and getting up to speed on road signs has proven to be a bit of a challenge.

Thanks for any help or pointers!!


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Dear Dingeryote,
driving in a foreign country is always a sort of challenge, but then it ends to be natural. I think the most important thing is using our common sense... There's a website where you may find information, useful tips and all you need to know about driving in Italy, here it is:
There you'll find information about speed limits, road signs, driving rules and documents, and so on.
There instead
you'll find some general information and suggestions for getting around Tuscany by car, should you decide to come and visit our beautiful region.

Hope this will help!

Have a nice trip to Italy


Thank you for the links!!

The first, is going to be greatly helpful, and in line with what I was looking for.

We will be in Tuscany for at least 4-5 days on our trip, so the second is handy too!!
As we are Farmers, we enjoy driving around observing how things are done by other Farmers, so we are planning on wearing the tires off the rental car.

Thank you for taking the time, and this great resource!!!!!


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I'm sure yu'll defintely enjoy your visit in Tuscany,especially if you're a farmer: I think you're going to appreciate every side and aspect of our splendid region!

I'm happy you've found useful my suggestions, you're welcome if you want to write me again if you need any other information!!



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Just wanted to add that in October you should be able to see many areas harvesting olives for oil.
Chestnuts are also in season, if you go for a hike in the woods you might find some already on the ground although you really do need a permit to pick them up in some areas (there should be signs if that is the case).

Take a look at Chiara's article for more ideas for autumn's flavors: