Driving Rome to Siena Easter Sunday


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We will be driving up from Rome to Siena starting out at about 10am this Easter Sunday and wondered how bad the holiday traffic would be and if you have any tips for the drive? Without traffic how long does this drive normally take? We do have a reserved parking spot near our hotel for when we arrive.
Any help or tips would be appreciated!



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Ciao Kat,

My first instinct is to reply that on Easter most everyone will be spending the day with family and that there shouldn't be traffic at all... but you'll surely find people heading out to that family to spend Easter lunch together so you'll likely find some traffic along the way, particularly around that time right before lunchtime.
The trip normally takes 2.5-3 hours depending on where you're leaving from in Rome - just getting out of the city and past the ring roads takes a while. Generally once you're out, even with lots of cars on the road traffic usually flows pretty smoothly on the A1. Remember to travel on the right lane and use the left one only to pass. If you could leave a little earlier from Rome, I would recommend it so that you have a little bit more of a margin to get into Siena by 1pm in time for your Easter lunch.

If you're planning to eat out once you arrive in Siena, make sure to ask your hotel to help you make reservations at a recommended restaurant so that you can arrive and head there once you arrive. Many people will be out so reservations would be highly recommended. Many restaurants are open up until 3pm so you don't want to get there too late.


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Easter Sunday (reply)

Hello Katepad,
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Rome is a huge city, congested most of the time because of traffic. Depending on which quarter of the city you are based in, you can need up to one hour to reach the highway to Siena.

Moreover, as you mention, you can't forecast how hard the holiday traffic can be.

Without traffic you can reach Siena in 2 hours – 2 hours 30. But this time doesn't "include" the time you need to get out of Rome to get onto the motorway.

So my hint would be to leave a little earlier than 10 a.m., if possible. Anyhow I also suggest you to visit the official website of the National Motorway Operator the day before: http://www.autostrade.it/en/

Have a nice Easter