Driving to & parking in Sienna


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My husband & I are driving from Lucca to Sienna to meet friends travelling down from Florence by bus (we think this is the best way)
We have a few questions:
Where would be the easiest place to meet up with these friends - out of Sienna at a designated bus stop, or in the centre of Sienna?
Of course we will have to park outside - to the north & for free preferably. Any suggestions?

If this gets too difficult we may just visit them in Florence & will also ned to find the best place to park outside.



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Since you're arriving by different means and schedules, I'd say the easiest is to arrange a time by which to meet in the center of Siena.
One of the best places would be right in front of the cathedral - right in front is the Santa Maria della Scala complex, it has a long bench along the whole way of the side of the building where people sit on and from which you can take pictures. You can arrange to meet there at a certain time, such as noon. Then you can head to lunch together ;-)
I suggest this rather than the Piazza del Campo because it is smaller and less crowded - you just have that long wall, you can tell them to stay close to the corner that places most of the cathedral to their right as you're facing the cathedral - that way, whoever arrives first has a bench to sit at and a great view while waiting ;-).

Parking in Siena isn't hard to find, but most of it is not free anymore.... the free spots are quite a walk downtown, but there are also buses - take a look here at the green P's: http://www.discovertuscany.com/siena/tourist-info/parking-lots-in-siena.html