Duomo confusion


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Planning to visit Florence March 22-26, and would like to visit the Duomo and climb the Dome. I see that there is a single ticket for all of the sites of the Duomo; I assume though that the lines would be separate for the cathedral and the dome--is that correct? Since we're all in reasonable shape, how long in general does it take to climb up the dome, so that we could plan the rest of our visit to the cathedral and baptistery? Is it also a good assumption that the lines may be longer during that time since its Holy Week?
Finally, is everything open on Holy Thursday--when I look at the Museo d'Opera site, it indicates that everything is open on March 24. However, when I look at another visitFlorence site, I see that it specifically says that its closed on Holy Thursday---Help---Im confused!!! Since I booked some other tours already the best time for us to go is on thursday.

thanks so much!!!


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Yes, there are separate lines for the cathedral and for the dome/cupola. I think it takes about 20 minutes to make the climb up.

As for Holy Thursday and opening hours, I have been hesitant to change them on the Visit Florence articles -- I really like the new calendar feature they put on the Grande Opera del Duomo website which in practice for now says that everything is open all of the time and all those dates in which they were closed before no longer apply.....
But since I asked them specifically about those holidays, I received a non-committal response saying now they are always open but reserve the right to close and modify the calendar even just a few days before, I left the times until I can go check for myself and I was planning to use Easter as a test. So I would stay positive and say you should be able to visit everything that says it is open on their site, but double check a few days before then to know for sure. And you can let me know how it goes!!

I don't expect lines to be extraordinarily long, but the cupola is popular and there is a limit on the number of people entering and exiting... so go first thing, so that you can then have the rest of the time for the other monuments.