Easter 2017 and Trains


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Please can you assist my friend and I. We plan to travel to Florence on Good Friday and leave on Easter Monday. All the flights from London see to go to Pisa. Will the trains from Pisa to Florence be running on these 2 religious public holiday. And if so, will there be a regular service?

Alternatively, can you suggest another way to get from Pisa. We have looked at taxi's but they are very expensive.


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The trains will be running, they may have different hours but you will find them running.

However, between Florence and Pisa Airport, you will also find that the Autostrada has regular buses and Terravision also offers regular buses.

Personally, when I travel from Florence to the Pisa Airport I prefer to take the bus because it starts from the Florence train station SMN (right out front), I can get my tickets online and it takes me directly to the Pisa airport. Remember to give yourself enough time to make your check-in requirements.

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