Easter in Florence


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Greetings! My family of four will be visiting Florence over Easter in 2017. We plan to experience Scoppio del Carro and then we are not sure what will be open to visit afterwards. We wanted to spend the afternoon at a museum at Pitti Palace and stroll Boboli Gardens. Is this reasonable? Would restaurants in the area be open or are the owners spending the day with their families? Do you have advice for viewing Scoppio del Carro?

On another note, we leave the next morning from SMN by train straight to FCO for our departure flight at 13:50. Can you advise on the wisdom of this plan? I could change our plans and move us down to a hotel in Rome for the night, but if this train journey is do-able, I'd rather stay in Florence.

Finally, I understand that children under 18 are free in certain museums. My daughter, 14, is 5'10" and looks very much like an adult. Can we expect grief from each museum we enter? Should we always be prepared with her passport or should we go ahead and buy tickets/FP to eliminate a hassle? If the other three of us have the Firenze Pass and can skip the lines, will my daughter be able to also?

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Easter in Florence !! I love it. Especially since this year it is in April and the temps will just be starting to warm up.

Our article on the Scoppio del Carro will give you a few pointers. I can offer that it is normally quite crowded...and even on a good day (unless you are really up close) mostly what you see is smoke BUT you can hear the bangs and booms.

Restaurants will be open, but you might want to reserve your spot, maybe look through our articles on suggested restaurants in Florence and double check to be sure they are available. In the area of Palazzo Pitti is the 4 Leoni BUT they are always crowded so definitely call first. I love their menu and if the weather is exceptionally nice they have outdoor seating.

There are no free-bies at the museums for 14 year olds (sorry).

Buon Viaggio,

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