Easter in Florence


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I am planning a trip to Florence around Easter in 2011, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to which days would be the best to go? For example, if many places would be closed on Easter Monday/during the week etc.


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Definitely visit on Sunday to see the Explosion of the Cart

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A trip to Florence during Easter would be a wonderful time to come visit the city as well as Tuscany. In 2011 Easter is pretty late falling on April 24 so the weather will likely be more mild by then, even if it always seems to rain on Easter day ;-) April showers as they say....

Easter is perfect for coming and seeing the Explosion of the Cart in Florence, a centuries old tradition. You can see our video of the Explosion of the Cart on YouTube. I definitely recommend you be here to see that, there really aren't any days which would not be recommended to not visit.

As far as things being closed, the only days where you will find some places closed are on Easter Sunday and Monday, the rest of the week everything will be open regularly.
In terms of shops, museums and restaurants:
some shops in downtown are likely to be closed while others will be open, depends on what they sell. That is a big weekend for visitors to the city so many stores choose to remain open. Museums are often open on Sundays and closed on Mondays, the main ones usually continue to follow this schedule. Closer to the date a list is generally published by the museum office that says which ones are open, which are closed and we will make sure to update our blog with such information.
Restaurants will be open, there are so many people out on those days that it wouldn't make sense to close -- although they might be open with a special fixed menu where reservations are required. As long as you decide where you want to go and reserve ahead of time as soon as you arrive in Florence, it is likely you won't have problems.

I highly recommend you read these past threads with similar questions you have about Easter Sunday and Monday which include more details on what is going on on that weekend. I am sure they'll help answer any other doubts you might have but, in any case, do let us know if you have other questions that are still not answered.


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