Easter opening hours


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Arriving in Pisa at 8pm on the Holy Saturday (April 15) this easter. Plan to travel Tuscany with rental car mainly staying in self catered apartments/villas, but are a bit worried if we will be able to purchase food these first days.

Are food shops and restaurants open on the Easter Sunday and Monday (April 16-17)?

Any difference between the rural areas or the larger cities?


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Easter Sunday


Times have definitely changed in Tuscany and whereas a few years ago the answer would have been a resounding...no stores open, today it is possible that you will find someone open. Having said this, I will also add that Easter is a rather important holiday - so maybe Easter Sunday no, you won't find many open but Saturday they will all be open, and on Monday many will be open if only for a half day.

You will find restaurants are open in Easter Sunday - and you will find that there are several cafes that are open which also have a mini-mart.

Of course the larger cities will probably have many supermarkets open - but you will find that the restaurants and cafes are open the same in rural areas as urban.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise