English speaking taxi service around Gallicano


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Hello, can anyone recommend an English speaking taxi service around the Gallicano area in the Garfagnana. We're a family of 14 staying in Fiattone and we may want to eat out one evening- maybe in barga or Gallicano. We would want to be picked up and dropped off. Anyone got any recommendations?


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Taxi for Garfagnana

Buongiorno -

You can look for NCC garfagnana online and the taxis in that area will come up. Here are two I checked out:

This site actually has a vechile which is 16 persons, and that would be perfect foryour group. I don't see a site in English - but most taxis have some English ... so I would give them a try anyway.

This company is also in the area and it looks as if they too have a vehicle big enough ( but not too big ) for your group. They have a site in English...

You should also ask them about a trip to Cinque Terra because they might give you a better deal if you arrange more than one activity with them.

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Thanks for your comment. I gave the number on the site a call this morning and yes they are still up and active.

In addition, she confirmed that they have English speaking drivers.