Epiphany in Siena

Jane Anton

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My husband and I are planning a trip to Siena January 4-7. As we will be there during Epiphany, I was wondering if there are any must do events or traditions we should partake in. Also, what museums/attractions will be closed so that we can be sure to see them on another day?
Thank you!


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Ciao Jane,

Most places actually do not close for January 6 so you should find most museums and churches open for visiting.

In Siena, Epiphany events will be concentrated around the 5th and 6th, with the main recurring event being the firemen setting up in Piazza del Campo on the 6th. From 10.30am to 5:30pm, firemen show kids what they do and take donations, the rest of the activities planned are concerts and a party on the 5th. There are some walks organized for families, and I highly recommend you make time to visit the Ambrogio Lorenzetti exhibit at Santa Maria della Scala, maybe with a guide:
I went in October and it is a beautiful exhibit. It closes in January so this is the best time to take advantage.

As far as the event's here's the program for the 5th: http://www.enjoysiena.it/it/eventi/evento/Tutto-il-Natale-di-Siena-00095/
and the 6th: http://www.enjoysiena.it/it/eventi/evento/Tutto-il-Natale-di-Siena-00096/