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Dear forum members,

Please help me to find dates of below events at 2019


All of these has already been published on the calender of discovertuscany.com but especially La Notte Delle Streghe's date looks false to me. It has been organized always on weekends at last year but on calender it looks monday for this year.

I would like to organize my holiday related with these events dates so please help me.

I also appreciate if you have similar event offers.

Thanks in advance to everyone.


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It isn't that the dates are false, they are referring to 2018 - so yes, if events generally fall on the weekend, it is likely it will be so this year as well.

The only but BIG problem is this: many don't actually officially publish dates for events in advance, at most about a month beforehand.

That's the reason why we can't update the dates on our monthly events pages much in advance, we make sure they are all updated when we find info and it is often the month before, or sometimes just a few days or a week before!

For example, the Notte delle Streghe in Marradi was on Saturday August 18 (official site here http://lnx.pro-marradi.it/notte-delle-streghe/)
See, it has not been updated for 2019 yet......... but we can assume it might be around the same time and therefore if they prefer on a Saturday, it might be held on August 17th this year. But until we can get official confirmation, we prefer to leave our events page as it and continue to show the 2018 date so as to give you an idea of what happens in August, without telling you the dates are confirmed for the current year.

The same goes for the others you're looking at..... in July we will be able to tell you whether the events are confirmed and for what dates in August.

The Mugello website also does not have events beyond March for now on its site: https://www.mugellotoscana.it/it/eventi/day/2019-03-03.html

I say you'll have to take the general dates of those events from last year and plan your holiday, hoping they will more or less fall during the time you are here. As a general rule of thumb, they do fall on the weekends to ensure more people can go ;).


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Dear Lourdes,

Thank you for your kind interest and informative answer.
You already encouraged me to feel certain of my hotel and flight ticket reservations.

Best regards,