Events and village celebrations in June 2018


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We are visiting Tuscany from June 5th untill 18th forthcoming 2018
Which events and/or village celebrations occur during the period that we are there?


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Lots of events take place in June, some on the weekends and some on specific "feast days" for patron saints.

In particular, June is a special month for both Pisa and Florence, as both have their patron saints' feast days during the month and there are several special events that happen around those dates.

Take a look at the general category with events taking place in June, it's a good place to start to get an idea (we update with 2018 dates in early May once events are confirmed):

Here are more specific articles for the events in Pisa:

the events in Florence:

and more events in Arezzo and San Gimignano -- dates for some can be found already, others you need to wait a bit for confirmation: