Events in April 2020


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We are planning our birthday family trip to Tuscany in 19-22.04.20. We are 3 adults and one infant 3 years old.
Do you know about upcoming events in these days?
Since we are celebrating my wife's 30st birthday and my child's 3rd birthday I am looking for anything interesting and special to do in Tuscany.
Thank you!


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So many things to do in April - many of which are connected to the Easter holidays (the week of 9 -13 April), a very important religious holiday for the Catholic and Christian Italians. I suggest that you look at our events calendar for April. I will warn you though except for the national holidays and Easter - everything else really won't be updated till closer to April, the Italians are great at setting last minute appointments and dates ;):cool::p

However, many of the events listed on the links above are actually re-occurring events, so if they happened last year, they will most likely happen again this year!

You can also check out this article which has a few ideas - the dates will be updated as soon as there are official announcements.

Number two is one of my favorites...and maybe a great opportunity to give yourself a special treat :cool:

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise