Experiencing Tuscany

neha bajaj

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HI, we are twi students from London and we want to spend a week in Tuscany. More than the site seeing of cities we are interested in the landscape and experiencing the local culture, do some hikes, take cooking classes or wine tours. We are on a super budget trip and will have no car. Hence ,we will be dependent on public transport. We intend to fly to Pisa. Can you please guide us with a feasible itineray?


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on a budget


The best place to locate yourself to get around easily with public transport is Florence, from there you have easy access to buses and trains that will take you all over.

Some areas you should definitely look into for hiking would be included in this article, and though it highlights places where you can see fall colors, it is also great for all year round. You will find info on how to get to them via public transport!

Buon Viaggio,

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