Extended Stay in Florence April-June 2015


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My friends are I will be coming to Tuscany to study next year and are looking for affordable furnished accommodation for approximately 3 months. Does anyone know of any long term rentals near the train station in Florence? Anywhere that sleep 4+ people would be ideal as there may be quite a few of us so a big place or multiple places would be ideal.
Thanks for the help!!
Kate :)


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Ciao Kate,

You might have seen that the site and forum is more specialized toward helping short-term visitors to the area plan their vacations, so I hope you're still finding the info on the site useful.

While many owners will rent out directly for days or a week, most will not do longer term rentals themselves and use agencies. As we are not an agency ourselves, so can only refer you to agencies that do offer these longer term apartments and from which you'll be able to find what you're looking for. Keep in mind that many of the apartments might not be listed on their sites (as they also do short term rentals), so I recommend you contact them directly:


There are many agencies out there, but these are ones who I know the owner directly and thus feel comfortable recommending. There are also rental agencies that deal with apartments offered with local residential contracts - just know that those apartments won't be accessible to you as their minimum requirement for the contract is a full year.