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Hi, I'm Sonnie, and I hope to begin an extended vist to the region late Septmeber through to December...I may extend til March. I'm a post graduate (mature student) of Chinese medicine and want to base myself in or around Lucca. My plan is just to relax, recoup and explore after 4 years of intensive study. I will probably have a motorcycle for getting around so transport will be less of a problem. Mostly I want advice on where I can find simple and inexpensive accommodation for atleast 3 months possible 6. I'm of Irish background but lived in a number of countries, clean/domesticated, resouceful and keen to learn the language. Speak average Spanish as a starting point. I'd like ideas on average monthly rental for a studio or 1 bedroom flat or room in a house. Look forward to your insight into the protocol for the above and any suggestions would be great. Sonnie.


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Ciao Sonnie,

Sounds like you've got the perfect "sabbatical" planned to recoup after your studies, you deserve the time off!

As far as accommodation for 3-6 months - I'd suggest skipping the "holiday rentals" as they are specialized in short stays (unless they specifically say they'll rent for longer periods). You want to find a studio apartment, already furnished and thus I think the average monthly rate for Lucca (based on some searches) seems to be around 400-600€ per month. Location can play a factor, for example, but I also found some in the historical center in Lucca for aroun 480€.

I suggest you start from here:
it is an agreggator of rentals, each listing might actually be rented by an agency, you'll find the agency details on there. Going through an agency might be the best solution, since they'll have a wider list of options than trying to find individual owners/apartments.

For example, two that come up for Lucca are:

You will want a "Contratto Uso Transitorio", a contract that is valid from 31 days to a maximum of 18 months. Anything else would not work for you. Contact any you find that are interesting directly, better by email since it will be easier to communicate (many Italians know basic English but fluency is really variable - your Spanish will help once you're here!).

Good luck!!