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I am planning a trip to Florence and Tuscany in July 2021, and I am a bit confused as to whether face masks are mandatory in outdoor public spaces at all times or if it is okay not to wear a face mask in a outdoor public space if it is possible to maintain a distance to other people of 1 meter?

I read different things on various websites and I am therefore a bit confused.

I really hope to hear from you soon as your answer might affect my travel plans.

Thank you :)

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Mette Marie (DK)
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Ciao and welcome to our forum!

The rules are likely to keep changing over the next few weeks. At the moment, facemasks are required outdoors and so is social distancing. If you can maintain social distancing, you can take off your mask but depending on where you are, sometimes it is easier to keep it on!

So if you're out in the countryside and there aren't large amounts of people, you can definitely take it off and breathe! But if you're walking around downtown Florence, even if there aren't the usual large crowds of years past, it is simpler to keep it on because lots of people don't pay attention to keeping their distance from you. I've seen lots of people now pulling it down to have nose poking out, then putting it back up when getting close to others so that is always an option.

At the moment, the rules are changing by the week as the country moves to reopen completely. So I'd just keep checking to see what updates there are but recommend you go ahead and make plans. People want to travel this summer and, after last summer and seeing how things went decently well here, I am sure a lot of people have already booked for July and August.

Let us know if you have more questions, I am currently reading like crazy and doing updates across the website but if I haven't gotten to something yet, just let me know and I will look it up.

As far as events --- many things are back on, but some are still cancelled such as Calcio Storico in Florence.