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Hello, we are a family of 4 myself, hubby and two children daughter aged 11 and son 8 we will be traveling to Tuscany next year September 2014 as part of a wider holiday from Australia this really is a trip of a lifetime for us, for me a dream holiday and although its a long way away the planning has began, So I was very pleased to find this site, it is fantastic. We would like a villa that is welcoming to children and also were they may encounter other kids our trip is 6 weeks all up so I'm sure they will get bored if they only have mum and dad to talk to. I have so many other questions I'm sure I will be on this site everyday until we leave, thanks in advance.


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many farmhouses and villas are ideal for families!

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The planning can never start too early as planning itself is an important part of the travel experience :)

How long will you be in Tuscany itself? I'd recommend at least a week and recommend renting a car during your stay so that you can move around easily (take a look at the tips offered here: ). A villa is often in the countryside so a car is a must to reach it and then move around.

Here's a general idea of places/areas you can see....

With kids, I wouldn't aim to do/see all that much as in the itinerary, you have to be flexible and see how the days go, often you just might prefer to stay by the pool and rest all day rather than be out and about.

A villa or farmhouse with apartments (also just called "holiday homes") would be a perfect way to have your own space, including your own kitchen so that you can have breakfast when you want, with what the kids prefer, and eat in any meals you want to... the hard part of traveling for long is that you definitely won't want to eat out all of the time. Other apartments will give you a chance to meet other guests and often times by sharing the common spaces you and your family will get to interact with other guests. So you don't want to search for "villas" per se, as those are generally intended as a whole villa being rented out to larger groups, generally from 12-20 people.

September is a good month, just make sure your part in Tuscany be around the first half as there will be more people still about, including local events you can go to (harvest season so lots of local fairs with wines/grapes).

So as far as accommodation, take a look at these to start off with:

Podere Casanova
Fattoria il Lago
Santa Maria Residence

then also look at other ones here:

There are a lot of choices out there, it is hard to really to decide because they are all generally in a great location and differences might just be whether there is a working farm that produces wines or olive oil or might even have animals on the estate.

Do let us know how we can help further as you look around and start building an idea of what you'd like.... these are just to get started at looking what's out there, I am sure you'll have more questions as you look around and learn more! :)